Readable code is maintainable code

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In this post, I will go over some of the rules that you can apply to improve your code. All code samples are Javascript.

I find that Readable code is maintainable code.
The goal for me as a developer is to write quality code. Every developer on the team, despite his/her skill level, has to be able to understand the code by reading it. This helps young developers to be more confident in writing code.

Remove unnecessary code comments

In combination with creating value for your users.

A developer that creates a secure environment for his platform.
A developer that creates a secure environment for his platform.
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As we all know security is an important part of the internet. The amount of websites created are increasing every day. According to internetlivestats, there are over 1.8 billion websites online with less than 200 million active ones. These websites are not always secure. If you take a look at the statistics from Mozilla Observatory about 15% of the scanned sites pass the security score. In their case, passing means receiving a score of 50/100 and above.

Increase your productivity by changing your tools and here’s where to start!

A productivity cover image by Cristofer Jeschke.
A productivity cover image by Cristofer Jeschke.
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Since I’m using Todoist as my main todo app, it improved my productivity and helped me to reduce my stress levels.

You might think, how can a todo app reduce your stress levels?

I know that seeing an enormous list of tasks is not really relieving any stress, but it helps to categorise your tasks. If you use Todoist, you will be able to define projects and create tasks for every project. Every task can be scheduled for a certain…

The list of rules that I applied to become a complete developer at the start of my career

What I did to survive my first couple of years as a developer
What I did to survive my first couple of years as a developer
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A short backstory

Before starting my internship at my current company Craftworkz, I had no experience building real applications. But I wanted to be able to create applications. Not just one part of an application, but an actual frontend, with an API and a pipeline that took care of the deployment. …

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Since I started my job in 2018, I had some bad days, but up until this day I love my job. Before I picked this job I had the opportunity to earn more at different companies. However, I’m glad that I never took on any of those jobs. My current company offered me the chance to discover what I love doing, and this means much more than money. And with this article, I want to help you in picking your perfect job!


Let’s start with a subject that looks very important from the start, but which was the least important…

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I started writing this blog because of one very complicated but important question.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
~ every interviewer or manager ever

My answer to this question was something like this: I want to be a full-stack developer that can create a deployment pipeline for the backend and frontend of a production application.

Well, let’s say that that is not the kind of answer people are looking for. It says nothing about your goals or ambition. It only shows that you want to progress, but then again, who doesn’t?

To construct a clear answer to…

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As you might know, I’m a young developer. In my early days, I always thought that working as long as possible was the way to achieve my goals. And in a way, it helped me a lot, but there is a downside to this approach. You tend to burn out on programming from time to time. And this is normal, but often ignored by working “even harder”.

My solution to this problem was always working out, but this is not for everyone. That’s why I wanted to find a way for every developer to break up the workdays and get…

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After a couple of months of writing on Medium and Dev, I started to think about building my own blog. As a developer, I love to build things myself. But after a while of building my own blog, I realised that this approach would take a huge amount of time. Certainly, when I compared the functionality that I was building with existing platforms.

After some advice that I received from another developer, who also has a blog, I started to use Ghost. Ghost is a full-stack, modern publishing platform to create your personal blog. …

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When you’re looking at social media posts, people are sharing many URL’s, blog posts, etc… But I feel that people forget to analyse these clicks. When you’re using the non-premium LinkedIn you get insights into how many people have seen your posts, but no indication of any clicks. When you’re using Twitter, for example, you get a much more in-depth analysis of the number of clicks, likes, interactions,…

You might be thinking: “We have Google Analytics on our webpages for that”. And that’s fine, but what if you have no insights in those analytics? Let’s say you want to get…

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So I used to tell myself that I should read more non-fiction books. But it never happened and here's why...

I don't like reading things that are longer than 15 minutes. Ever since I was young, I thought reading books was a waste of time. The subjects that were offered at school for our presentations were not appealing to me, to say the least. But this was 10 years ago. A lot has changed in those years, including my interest in self-development.

For the last 2 years, I loved podcasts, and I still do, but I feel like I get…

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